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Pitchup - Drönare för flygfoto, UAS UAV och Multirotor

Welcome to Pitchup - Innovative Aerial Technology

 works with advanced solutions for drones - VTOL /multirotor / UAS crafts for private and corporate customers all over the world.
Our drones are used for inspection, surveillance, photo, measurement and analysis, with one thing in common, it is all done from the air. We have long experiance and works with proven and market leading products of highest quality. Our products are used professionally in many diffrent forms and in a wide span of applications. We can develop unique and specific solutions for your use, as we have our own engineers and technicians inhouse for these tasks. Our customer base is wide as we work with small private owned companies to larger organizations. Pitchup has delivered customer specific and special equiped UAV crafts for aerial photo, research, installation, energy analysis, enviromental analysis and more. We can be your partner during the projectphase and deliver the products that handles the work you need to be done. Offcourse we can deliver your crafts ready to use, built and configured by our skilled technicians.


Aerial photography, for brokers, media agencies, filmmakers and architects where you want to view the object from a new exciting angle. We know what you need to succeed with your project. Roof inspection with IR camera. The picture shows a leak and moisture damage to a roof. One of the many uses for this technology. Overview of construction site that provide a basis for documentation. Application area for this type of use is great.


DJI F550 Expert
3,995.00 SEK 3,795.00 SEK
DJI Phantom 2 Back Pack
1,855.00 SEK 1,495.00 SEK
GAUI 10 in. Props (10A and 10B)
175.00 SEK 100.00 SEK
GAUI 8 tum Props. (8A and 8B)
145.00 SEK 100.00 SEK
Prototype 6 Carbon Propeller 10 x 47
250.00 SEK 185.00 SEK
Prototype 6 Carbon Propeller 11 x 47
265.00 SEK 185.00 SEK
26,995.00 SEK 22,995.00 SEK